The Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) program provides adult students with the skills they need to succeed in the 21st century. We designed this program with flexibility in mind. Now, busy adults can balance their work and life responsibilities with their academics.

We offer concentrations in eight areas of study. The concentrations are applied communication, construction management, legal studies, healthcare and medical services management, hospitality operations management, organizational management and development, project management, and quality and risk management.

The Bachelor of Professional Studies Advantage

Course Delivery

Each Bachelor of Professional Studies concentration offers its classes fully online or Live Online.

What is Live Online?

Live Online is different from traditional online learning because you can connect face-to-face with your professors and peers through two-way video-conferencing technology. Through this technology, you can join live class sessions and remain highly engaged in your courses. You can even decide week-to-week whether to attend your classes in-person at the North Campus or through Live Online. If you can’t make the scheduled class, you can watch a recording of the lecture at your convenience.

Career Preparation

Our focus is on preparing you for life and work in the 21st century. Whether you are interested in changing industries or advancing within your current company, we equip you with cutting-edge knowledge and practice in each focus area (concentration). This prepares you for success in our region’s – and our state’s – leading industries. In addition, BPS courses are taught by industry experts who have extensive real-world knowledge in their profession.

Tuition Discount

At the College of Charleston, we understand that you are making a sacrifice to return to school and complete your degree. We want to give you the best chance at success by offering our Bachelor of Professional Studies students a 20% discount on their tuition.

Which Path Will Lead You to Success?

Applied Communication. Students will learn how to effectively communicate with both internal and external organizational stakeholders. Students will focus on topics like public relations, marketing, social media, professional writing and both customer and employee relations. A degree in applied communication prepares students for careers in (1) professional writing and editing, (2) external communications like marketing, public relations, social media and customer relations, and (3) internal communications like employee communication and relations, organizational coaching and dispute resolution.

Construction Management. Students will understand the construction and site management process from beginning to end. A degree in construction management prepares students for a variety of professional service, supervision and management roles within the construction management process ranging from specific construction project support like scheduling and procurement through to overall management of construction projects as a general contractor.

Legal Studies. Students will learn communication, critical thinking, research and management skills that support the provision and administration of legal services. A degree in legal studies prepares students for a career as a paralegal, law office manager, law enforcement officer, real estate and probation officer.

Healthcare and Medical Services Management. Students will acquire a comprehensive understanding of the healthcare structure, operations management, finance, law and regulation. A degree in healthcare and medical services management prepares students for a career as a healthcare administrator, medical practice manager, health center administrator and a healthcare marketing and sales director.

Hospitality Operations Management. Students will learn about corporate decision making, revenue management, cost control procedures and sales and negotiations. A degree in hospitality operations management prepares students for a career as a restaurant manager, hotel operations manager, event planner and travel and tourism operations manager.

Organizational Management and Development. Students will learn about the efficient and effective leadership, management and development of organizations. Students will learn and integrate the key components of the leadership and management cycle comprised of assessing external and internal environments, strategic planning, organizational design, process management, human resource management, leading and coaching others, multi-level assessment of performance and organizational change and development. A degree in organizational management and development prepares students for careers as entrepreneurs, managers and professional specialists in areas like strategy, process management and organizational development.

Project Management. Students who choose this concentration will learn how to expertly manage complex projects from beginning to end. The focus is on leadership, time management and effective communication. A degree in project management prepares students for a career in any industry. Students can expect to find jobs as a consultant, program manager, information technology project manager, operations manager and product manager.

Quality and Risk Management. Students will learn to identify, analyze and manage organizational quality and risk from the strategic planning process to final product delivery. A degree in quality and risk management prepares students for a career in quality assurance, risk management, regulatory reviews and customer operations.