Healthcare and Medical Services Management Minor

Healthcare and Medical Services Management Minor

The Healthcare and Medical Services Management (HMSM) minor offers students the opportunity to learn the overall function of the healthcare system. It provides the necessary knowledge of the non-clinical facets of healthcare delivery in the U.S. for contextual understanding of access, cost, and quality and thus is valuable to pre-med students and all interested in careers in healthcare, in both public and private sectors.

HMSM complements several existing majors at the College and provides important background information for students who plan to continue studying in the healthcare field. To earn this minor, students must complete 18 credit hours. Three courses are required, and the student must choose three elective courses.


All courses follow the School of Professional Studies academic calendar.

Course materials may be accessed online and hybrid formats to facilitate convenient scheduling.

Some classes will have regular online meeting times; others will not. The instructor may schedule assignments and exams at specific times.

Required Coursework

All required coursework may be accessed entirely through our online portal.

Please see the 2018-19 CofC Undergraduate Catalog for the Healthcare and Medical Services Management minor requirements.

Careers in Project Management

Healthcare and Medical Services Management is growing rapidly in the modern workforce. Our graduates may find careers in a wide-range of industries, including:

  • Public Health Education
  • Patient Advocacy
  • Healthcare Administrator
  • Medical Records Manager
  • Social Welfare Administrator
  • Insurance Underwriter
  • Calculating Cost

    Information about program tuition may be found on the following page:

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    How to Apply

    Our enrollment coordinators are available to help throughout the admissions process.

    We will be happy to review your high school credits, as well as potential transfer credits from other institutions.


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