The Essentials for Going Back to School

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Ready to go back to school? As an adult student, you have a lot of responsibilities. You might have a job, or a family or both. You probably have friends you want to hang out with and organizations that rely on you to volunteer. On top of your daily life, you have applications, deadlines, and emails you’re trying to keep track of as you prepare to go back to college.

We know it’s a lot, and that’s why we’ve come up with a back to college checklist to help you get started.

A List of Supplies and Essentials

Has it been a while since you attended college the first time? Things have changed. You’ll need a lot more than an ink pen and a composition notebook.

The Bachelor of Professional Studies classes, and many of the Bachelor of General Studies classes, are taught online or Live Online to give our adult students maximum flexibility.


Since you’ll be doing a lot of coursework online, video conferencing into class, writing papers, completing assignments and taking notes, you’ll definitely need a computer.

Some students can get away with an ipad or a mobile phone, but you will need access to a computer to succeed. If you don’t have a computer, you can always use the computer lab at the College of Charleston North Campus.

Cloud Storage/Backup

Have you heard the horror stories about working on an assignment late into the night and then the computer just dies hours before it’s due? It happens, and it’s terrible. We don’t want you to be in that position. That’s why the College of Charleston offers all of its students access to the google drive. It’s accessible from anywhere, so if you’re working on your paper in googledocs and your computer decides to call it a day, you can access that work from any other device that has an internet connection – even your phone if it comes down to the wire!


Most of your classes will require some kind of text book. There is a college bookstore located at the corner of King Street and Calhoun Street inside of the Barnes and Noble, but most students order their textbooks online.

You also might want to consider an e-book. If you’re familiar with reading online, an e-book makes searching text easy so you can quickly review important concepts.

Amazon Prime Student

As we mentioned, most students will order their textbooks online. As a student – with an .edu email address – you have access to Amazon Prime Student. It’s six months of free amazon prime and an additional 50% off amazon prime after that trial period.

Zoom account

At the School of Professional Studies, we use Zoom for all of our meetings and in the classroom. You will want to set up your own free account so that you can attend your classes via video conference if you can’t make it to the North Campus.

There’s more to heading back to college than just the supplies list. As an adult student, you’re probably planning to take school pretty seriously. It is your time and money you are investing in your education. Our advisors understand and are here to help. Send us an email to sps@cofc.edu with any questions or concerns about starting your path to success at the College of Charleston.