Healthcare and Medical Services Management

medical-servicesDesigned for adults currently employed in the healthcare sector – or adults who are interested in a career in healthcare management – the Healthcare and Medical Services Management concentration equips students with the resources necessary to succeed in a diverse and rapidly-expanding industry.

Through engaging course offerings, students will acquire a comprehensive understanding of healthcare structure, operations management, finance, law and regulation.

Please see the 2016-17 CofC Undergraduate Catalog for the Health and Medical Services Management concentration requirements.

Organizational Leadership and Management


Incorporating a variety of methods, the Organizational Leadership and Management concentration provides students with a strong leadership skill set, applicable to a variety of managerial and organizational settings.

Students will learn methods for assessing and developing talent, as well as techniques for effectively directing and motivating team members.

Please see the 2016-17 CofC Undergraduate Catalog for the Organizational Leadership and Management concentration requirements.

Applied Communication

applied-communicationApplicable across multiple career paths, the Applied Communication concentration provides students with an understanding of human communications theory and the effective implementation of related techniques.

With an emphasis on business and leadership applications, students will learn how to convey thoughts in a clear and concise manner; developing persuasive, evocative and motivational capabilities.

Please see the 2016-17 CofC Undergraduate Catalog for the Applied Communication concentration requirements.

Project Management*

In a recent study, the Project Management Institute estimated that 11 million project management roles will be added to the global workforce, spanning 11 different countries, and increasing GDP across project-intensive industries by $6.61 trillion.

Now is a great time to begin acquiring industry-specific skills in this growing area.

Students will learn how to expertly manage complex projects from beginning to end, with a focus on leadership skills, time management, and effective communication.

*Coming in Fall, 2017.  Course requirements to be added soon.