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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the requirements for becoming a real estate agent?

A prospective agent must:

  • be at least 18 years of age
  • be a legal resident of United States (citizenship is not required)
  • possess a high school diploma or GED

Prospective agents must successfully complete a 60 hour Salesperson Pre-Licensing class, and pass the South Carolina Real Estate Commission exam.

Prior to obtaining a license, prospective agents must also submit to (and pass) a criminal background check, and demonstrate satisfactory credit history.

Q. What kind of transactions are allowed with a real estate license?

 A salesperson’s license allows an individual to list, sell or manage any type of real estate: residential, vacation/resort properties, commercial or industrial. Licensees may work anywhere within the state of SC.    

Q. Do I need to be affiliated with a broker prior to taking the class or obtaining a license?

No.  A prospective agent does not need to be employed/sponsored by a broker. 

Upon passing the SC Real Estate Commission exam, prospective agents are allotted one-year to become affiliated with a broker, and must then confirm this affiliation with the SC Real Estate Commission.

Q. Do I need to apply for admission to the College of Charleston to take this class?

No. The real estate Salesperson Pre-Licensing class is a non-degree program and does not require admission to the College of Charleston. To register for the course, see the Real Estate Academy webpage.

Q. Where are classes held?

Classes are held at the College of Charleston North Campus facility, home to the School of Professional Studies. 

The CofC North Campus is located in North Charleston, South Carolina; for directions, please see the contact section of our website.

Q. When are classes held?   

The CofC Real Estate Academy courses are offered in both daytime and evening formats, so as to meet the demands of busy professionals.  

Class times vary by course, please see our Schedule for more information.

As 60 hours of instruction time (30 hours for Advance Principles in Real Estate) is required by the state of SC, students must arrange to make up any class time missed due to emergency absences.   

Q. What costs are involved with becoming a real estate agent?

The required fees are described below:

  • 60-hour Salesperson Pre-Licensing course tuition: $399 *
  • Criminal background check: (SC) $40 **
  • SC Real Estate Commission exam:  $63 **
  • SC license activation: $25 **

*As offered at the College of Charleston – other institutions may assess higher fees.

**State fees are subject to change.

Q: What materials/textbooks are required for the pre-licensing course?

A course textbook and student workbook are required.  Fees for these materials are added to the tuition fee upon enrollment.

Students should bring a pen/pencil, a notebook, and a basic calculator.

Q: What is the “Advanced Principles” course?

Upon activating the “First Year/Provisional” license, new agents are given one year in which to qualify for the “Final Sales” license. While no state test is required, agents must complete an additional 30-hour Advanced Principles course.