The Community Relations Division of the South Carolina Human Affairs Commission and the College of Charleston have partnered to deliver a Community Enhancement System to counties across South Carolina.

The goal is to increase the quality of community life for South Carolinians. What does that mean? Ideally, community members will experience a sense of community to the degree that they are motivated to be constructive and supportive citizens. Furthermore, the community should be characterized as one that promotes well-being for its members. The experience of the quality of community life is the result of both the external features of the community and how its members experience those features.

How do we support this quality of life? The College of Charleston and the SC Human Affairs Commission are working together to develop programs that deliver the following:

  • General maintenance
  • General enhancement
  • Problem removal, reduction, or mitigation
  • Amplification of strengths

To learn more about the framework of these developing programs, we encourage community leaders to attend our state-level initiatives, which have been organized to mirror the general issues management process that will be offered at the county level. Learn more about our upcoming event here.

What is a Community Enhancement System?

What is a Community Enhancement System?

A community enhancement system is a set of organized processes and events designed to maintain, enhance, address problems with, and amplify strengths within the key contributors to the quality of community life.