New Concentrations Introduced to the Bachelor of Professional Studies Program

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May 3, 2019
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May 24, 2019
Bachelor of Professional Studies New Concentrations

The Bachelor of Professional Studies is excited to introduce three new concentrations starting this Fall. The new concentrations will be Construction Management, Legal Studies, and Quality and Risk Management.

In addition, the Bachelor of Professional studies program has renamed the Organizational Leadership and Management concentration to Organizational Management and Development. This name change will better reflect the focus of the concentration.

First, what is the Bachelor of Professional Studies?

The Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) program provides professionally-oriented adults the skills to succeed in the 21st century. The BPS is a liberal arts degree that offers both foundational and profession-specific skills.

What is a professionally-oriented adult?

This term is used quite a bit at the College of Charleston North Campus to describe adult learners who have spent time in the workforce building their professional skills before returning to college to complete their undergraduate degree.

What is a liberal arts college, and why is it important?

Check out project management student Shain Vogelsong’s story and why he believes in the liberal arts for professional and personal growth. 

Earning a bachelor’s degree from a liberal arts college means that some required courses will be in general areas of study like history, math, English, science, and other humanities. While students will gain a broad, general knowledge from a liberal arts college, students will also learn skills like critical thinking, how to analyze information and communicate it clearly, and perform and present research. Numerous employers in countless industries find these skills valuable.

What profession-specific skills will students learn?

Students will select from one of the eight concentrations offered in the BPS program. Each concentration is taught by experienced instructors and will address the key concepts, models, and practices that apply across all sectors (private, public, non-profit, specialized). In addition, these teachings align with the core professional competencies endorsed by the leading professional associations.

What concentrations are available in the Bachelor of Professional Studies major?

Currently, the BPS offers eight concentrations tailored to suit the needs of our students’ professional goals and interests.

About these new concentrations…

The three new concentrations starting in Fall 2019 include Construction Management*, Legal Studies, and Quality and Risk Management*.

Construction Management*

 The construction management* concentration provides an understanding of the construction management and site management process from beginning to end. In addition, the concentration supports acquired technical management skills that will prepare students for senior-level management roles.

Legal Studies

This program provides students with strong research and analytical skills applicable in a global, 21st century. Students will learn communication, critical thinking, research and management skills. In addition, students will be able to critically analyze a case, provide end-to-end case management, understand long-term planning and develop legal practice management skills.

Quality and Risk Management*

 The quality and risk management* concentration teaches students to identify, analyze and manage organizational quality and risk from strategic planning process to final product delivery.

Organizational Management and Development

The improvements to the organizational management and development concentration will teach students skills like planning, organizational design, resourcing, staffing, leading, supporting, coaching, assessing performance, and supporting organizational change.

What’s with the asterisk?

The construction management and quality and risk management concentrations are pending review from the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education.

What makes the BPS program stand out among other college majors?

As mentioned above, the BPS program is a liberal arts degree and students do need to complete general education requirements such as English, history, science and math; however, the core curriculum is specifically targeted to professionally-oriented adults.

The core curriculum helps students understand how what they learn in their history, economics, and science classes shape the global economy. The BPS program has experienced and approachable faculty to prepare students for the realities of the workplace in the 21st century. These classes help students develop leadership techniques and communication skills.

And what about the technology?

Each BPS course is taught either online or Live Online. A traditional online course allows students to access course material at their own pace and engage with other students via discussion boards. Many colleges and universities offer online courses, but the College of Charleston is going one step further and offering Live Online courses.

Live Online

Live Online is different from traditional online learning because students can connect face-to-face with professors and peers through two-way video conferencing. This technology allows off-site students to join live class sessions and remain highly engaged in the course material and discussions.

Students who choose Live Online will be able to join their class from any device with an internet connection.

This technology allows students to attend class from wherever they are like an airport in china, Yellowstone national park, or stuck at home with the kids. In addition, if a student cannot attend the scheduled class, the student can watch a recording of the lecture. This not only allows students to stay connected with their professors and peers, but also allows increased flexibility.

Are there any other benefits?

One final benefit of the BPS program is the decreased tuition.

Since BPS students don’t have access to the same scholarships and grants as traditional students, and because many adult learners are not using the resources available on the main campus, the credit-hour fee has been reduced by almost 25%.

So, what are you waiting for?

Apply to the Bachelor of Professional Studies program today! We’ve even created a step-by-step guide that walks you through the application process.

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