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August 27, 2015
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November 10, 2015

When considering enrolling in the School of Professional studies, prospective students will find an invaluable ally in Ashley Riser. Riser, the Associate Director of Admissions, has enjoyed working with adult students throughout her 10 years in higher education, and sees her position as an opportunity to truly make an impact in students’ lives.

“I see our professional team as the GPS along the journey. We help guide students along the way—speeding up, slowing down, changing the route, whatever else they need.”

Riser’s primary focus is in counseling students through the admissions and enrollment processes, helping to determine a suitable academic plan. “I show students how they can complete their degree with us by doing transfer credit evaluation,” Riser explains, “The biggest resource I offer is information—on program options…ways to complete credits.”

Working in tandem with academic advisor Carla Stewart, Riser aims to get to know each student personally, and considers their hands-on technique to be a distinguishing characteristic of the SPS. “I think our availability to students and our team approach makes us stand out,” Riser says, “Getting to know [students] and building in opportunities to have discussions… is essential in doing this well and making sure students feel supported.” While Riser acknowledges the challenges facing many non-traditional students, she chooses to focus on the possibilities. “I like to offer students all their options,” she says, “so that they can make the best decision for themselves and their family.”

Of the many gratifying aspects of her work, Riser reaps particular satisfaction from the moment where students “get” that their goals are within reach. “I see our professional team as the GPS along the journey,” Riser muses, “We help guide students along the way—speeding up, slowing down, changing the route, whatever else they need.”

From initial contact to the walk across the Cistern on graduation day, Ashley Riser is committed to a lasting partnership with students, offering solutions along the road to success.