Generation.Next – Dale Carnegie

The better prepared you are, the faster you rise.

Dale Carnegie Training for Young Adults is designed to prepare young people for the real world, giving them the skills they need to reach their goals and live-up to their full potential – at school, home, and work.

The curriculum was developed with feedback from students, and consists of five full-day, highly interactive sessions which include real-life scenarios and role-playing.

In a world that is more complex, competitive and demanding than ever before, young people often need to work and plan for the future, while also balancing school, relationships, and other responsibilities. Dale Carnegie for Young Adults can help teens to become more confident and better able to cope with these demands, as well as the pressures and stresses commonly faced by adolescents.

Key Skill Development

The seminar focuses on five key areas that are critical for future success:

  • Building Self-confidence
  • Enhancing Communication Skills
  • Interpersonal Skill Development
  • Teamwork and Leadership Skills
  • Effective Attitude Management

Longterm Benefits

The seminar focuses on five key areas that are critical for future success:

  • Highly focused on individual goals
  • Improved decision-making when faced with difficult choices
  • Well-developed persuasive communication techniques
  • Better prepared for college applications and job interviews
  • Able to confront challenges with a more positive attitude

Instructor - Liz McCool

Liz McCool is a performance coach and business development consultant with Dale Carnegie South Carolina. Her coaching and facilitation skills help maximize the vitality and potential of her clients.

McCool is a graduate of Southern Illinois University with a BS in Education. Prior to joining Dale Carnegie, she spent 30 years working as a teacher/coach, and also owned and operated her own business. McCool has worked with at-rish youth at the North Charleston Dream Center, and has participated in prison ministries for over 6 years.