Certified Financial Planner

New Program Launching in 2018!


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The CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Certification Education Program is designed to broaden the financial skills and career opportunities of professionals practicing in the financial services industry, and satisfies the educational requirements of the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. Successful students in the past have included adults making a career change and those  with no professional financial experience.

Visit the College of Charleston’s YouTube page to hear current and former students talk about how this program has helped them with their careers.

Certified Financial Planner™ Certification Education Information Packet

The Program Curriculum

The program curriculum reflects the professional knowledge requirements needed by financial planners as determined by CFP Board. The program includes seven modules, plus an optional review session.

  • Fundamentals of Financial Planning — A foundation providing a comprehensive overview of the financial planning process. Topics covered include goal and priority setting, data gathering, and implementation of a financial plan as well as time value of money, the legal and economic environment, and ethical and professional considerations.
  • Insurance Planning — A course designed to acquaint the student with the basic principles and various types of insurance devices. It prepares students to work with clients by teaching methods of gathering client data, identifying the client’s risk exposure and helping the client select products to protect them against loss.
  • Individual and Property Taxation — A course emphasizing the concepts and methods of determining tax liability for individuals and the taxation of property transactions. It provides the students with information critical for efficient tax planning.
  • Investments — This course prepares students to work with clients to achieve their financial objectives. It provides them with the skills required for the effective analysis of investment alternatives in a risk-return framework. Emphasis is placed on selection, timing, and diversification techniques.
  • Retirement Planning — This course offers students an understanding of the planning, implementation, and monitoring of retirement needs, including an examination of employer benefits.
  • Estate Planning — This course provides students with an overview of estate planning and the tools and techniques which minimize the impact of state and federal taxes on estates, trusts, charitable transfers, gifts and bequests.
  • Capstone — This course builds upon the materials in the first six courses of the educational program. Emphasis is on the application of financial planning concepts in an integrated planning environment. This “capstone-like” course utilizes case studies and mini-cases to tie together the various discipline studied in the individual prior courses into a comprehensive financial planning process.
  • CFP® Certification Examination Review — Students have many options for examination review including the fast paced four-day review offered through Kenneth Zahn, Inc. or an intense six-day review course, offered in partnership with BISYS (formerly Dalton Publications). These review courses are separate from the College of Charleston Financial Planning Program and are not included in the tuition.