This intensive 35-hour prep course is designed to provide students with the strategies and confidence needed to pass the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Students who wish to take the TOEFL prep class will need to enroll as a part-time student. Please contact the ELI for information.

Students Working on Grammar

Course Description

A certified ESL instructor will guide students through each section of the TOEFL, emphasizing general test-taking skills and specific TOEFL strategies.  As the course progresses, students will be able to identify areas where the extra practice is needed and will be assisted in establishing study goals and preparing a study schedule.

Each class session will include practice in two of the four testing areas (Reading, Listening, Speaking and/or Writing), as well as assistance with individual study areas.  Students will be given the opportunity to take practice tests in an environment that mimics an exam center.

Course Requirements

Students should be at the Advanced level of English language proficiency, and be planning to take the TOEFL sometime in the upcoming months.

Students must have legal status in the United States (including F-1 students currently enrolled in the Intensive English Program). We cannot issue a student visa solely for this course.

Required Textbook: The Official Guide to the TOEFL Test, Fourth Edition, 2012, McGraw Hill. ISBN# 978-0-07-176658-6