The ELI offers students the opportunity to attend on a part-time basis, or enroll in individual courses.
Private lessons may also be arranged.

Please note that the part-time option is not available to students who are in the U.S. on an F-1 visa.

For more information about part-time enrollment, please contact the ELI.

Weekly Tuition

The tuition rate for weekly attendance in the Intensive English program is $250/week.

Individual Course Tuition

The tuition breakdown for individual course attendance in the Intensive English program is as follows:

 Writing & Grammar (6 contact hours) $720/eight-week session
Listening & Speaking (6 contact hours)$720/eight-week session
Reading & Vocabulary (3 contact hours)$360/eight-week session
Novel Studies$360/eight-week session
Film Studies$360/eight-week session
TOEFL Prep$360/eight-week session

Private Lessons

Tuition rates will vary.  Please contact the ELI for an estimate.