The tuition and fees associated with full-time attendance in the Intensive English program are as follows:

Application Fee*$75
Student Services Fee*$359
Medical Insurance$323
Housing (estimated)$2023
Meal Plan (estimated)$1050
Books (estimated)$200

* Non-refundable.

Please note that the costs provided above are for full-time attendance in a single eight-week session.

Explanation of Fees


Tuition refers to the cost of attending all courses for a single 8-week session.
Students wishing to enroll in individual courses may find a tuition breakdown under Part-Time Enrollment.

Student Services Fee

All full-time students are required to pay the student services fees. This fee enables ELI students to access the library, gymnasiums, health center, sporting events, and all social events on campus.

Health Insurance

The College of Charleston requires that all international students be enrolled in our health insurance plan, unless a waiver is granted. 
The fees for the plan are billed once per session, and are due at the same time as the remainder of the student bill.

Further information about student health insurance and the American health care system may be found in the ELI Student Handbook.

Housing and Meal Plan

Housing fees will only be assessed for students who choose to live on campus. Meal plan participation is also optional.


This fee will not included on the student bill. Students will purchase their books once they arrive on campus.

Additional Expenses

Students may incur additional expenses associated with travel, immigration, and personal needs.

Students should budget for personal expenses including clothing, laundry, toiletries, entertainment, transportation, and sporting events. The ELI estimates that students will require approximately $500 for living expenses.

Immigration fees will be assessed prior to enrollment, and will vary according to the type of visa obtained. For further information, please see the Documentation section of our website.

Billing and Payment


Tuition and fees are managed directly by the ELI.

Students will be billed after placement testing on the first day of classes, and payment will be due during the first week of classes. If a student’s bill is not paid by the Monday of the second week of classes, he or she may not return to class.

Payment Methods

Students should bring a check or money order (total tuition and fees) with them to Charleston. ELI staff will escort students to the Treasurer’s Office to pay their bill on the first day of class.

Students who wish to use an alternative payment method (wire payment, credit card, pre-pay by mail) should contact the ELI to obtain a Electronic Bank Transfer Form. This form is required to ensure that funds are credited properly.

Additional information about payment methods may be found in the ELI Student Handbook.

Refund Polices

A full refund, less a processing fee of $100 US dollars, will be issued, so long as the student completes and submits the refund request form no more than 5 days into the program. 
No refunds will be processed after this 5-day period has passed.

The application fee and student services fee are non-refundable, regardless of student circumstances.