About the Retired Faculty and Staff Council

The Retired Faculty and Staff Council (RFSC) offers social and intellectual opportunities to retired College of Charleston faculty and staff. The council allows retirees to sustain their connection with the College, and extends support to those transitioning from full-time employment to retirement. Stay up to date and explore the calendar of events by reading our quarterly newsletter.

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THURSDAY, APRIL 23, 2020 1:30—3:30 PM: Stono Preserve  | Click here for details.

Many retired faculty and staff would like to continue their lifelong relationship to the College. Based on a recent survey, we offer the following programs:

  • Continuing the Academic Community: For example; monthly presentations with social opportunities, book groups, travel programs, and price reductions for events
  • Continuing Teaching and Research: Including library and computing access, office space, research support
  • Support for College Programs and Events: Volunteering to mentor students and work in areas such as Center for Student Learning, Admissions, and Institutional Advancement

To join the RFSC, or to update your contact information,  contact Sylvia Gamboa at gamboas@cofc.edu.