Step Into Leadership consists of six 2-hour modules and focuses on teaching managers and leaders to thrive within environments that have unique cultures and a vast array of strengths, weaknesses, and talent.

This program will introduce techniques to help leaders drive results through others by breaking down silos and opening the door for transparent communication.

Who Should Attend

Entry-level managers and anyone who is about to move up into a leadership role within a company or organization. This course is the precursor to the Next Level Leadership Series.

Upon completion of the Next Level Leadership Program, participants will be awarded 1.2 Continuing Education Units (CEUs). 

Step Into Leadership Course Descriptions

First Steps in Management helps you begin putting together your game plan for your first or new management position. This workshop will cover how to prepare for management and what steps to take in the first 30 days of a new position. Upon completion, you will:

  • have a list of resource books to read to prepare that will make you more comfortable in your changing role,
  • develop an outline of the speech you will use to introduce yourself, and
  • have tips to get your boss to position you well.

    In this interactive session, we will discuss common concerns and issues that new managers confront.

  • Do you remember when you first went into management? Peers – some of them friends – became subordinates, and relationships changed. Learning to have difficult conversations with people can be very tricky. It is easy to give positive feedback, but helping people develop involves helping them improve. How do you effectively give advice on this? This session is designed to give you practical tools and real-time practice to become more successful in this area. Upon completion of this session, you will be better prepared to:

  • handle difficult interpersonal situations at work,
  • know how to prepare and what to say when dealing with your direct reports, peers, and superiors, and
  • develop a game plan when taking on new management tasks.

  • In this interactive session, you will work on real issues, discuss problems and get help from peers. This session will hone in on critical leadership skillsets.

    Because most people learn a great deal from actual work experiences, this session begins with the completion of a pre-session self-assessment that will gauge work-place challenges and highlight prime learning opportunities. There are five clusters of job components that represent major aspects of managerial work. You will receive individual data in each of these areas as follows:

  • Experiencing a job transition to management
  • Creating positive change
  • Being equipped with methods to prioritize to get the important actions completed
  • Managing high levels of responsibility
  • Managing boundaries
  • Dealing with individual differences

  • A lively format is used that blends small group activities with personalized learning, peer feedback, and interactive large group experience. You will leave with a personalized “Leadership Action Plan,” which will be further developed and supported in the session that follows this one.

    This session will focus on a critical skill for leaders - the ability to take the perspective of others, both people with whom they work, and people whom they manage. It is based on highly relevant and research-based content to expand listening skills, understand others’ viewpoints, and effectively manage conflict. You will learn perspective-taking practices which support your abilities to do the following:

  • Accomplish high quality work based on communicating effectively and reducing conflicts
  • Apply techniques to influence others and immediately impact workplace challenges
  • Stretch outside of established comfort zones to work with others, solve problems, and drive results

  • We will use experiential exercises to bring concepts alive and deepen learning. The combination of this session and the previous one will augment your management abilities to build relationships that meet management challenges.

    This groundbreaking workshop on conversation imagination focuses on the use of conversation as a powerful tool for not only personal growth but organizational change. Learn how conversation imagination (and intelligence) can break path dependence thus encouraging innovative discourse that brings fresh solutions. How can you win a car race when your car doesn't go faster than the rest? If you have the right conversation, you can. Audi did from 2006-2009. In this session, the following topics will be discussed:

  • Decoding the communicator brain in a changing world
  • Cultivating victimhood or victory
  • How beliefs determine what is possible
  • Breaking out of Path Dependency.
  • Become even more valuable to your organization by changing the way you come across -- polishing your presence, your focus and your message. The Mixonian Method of presenting gives you tools to get better results immediately and to increase impact on your team and company. Learn what really counts in communicating. Organize your thoughts and created a focused, audience-based message. Transcend the "curse of knowledge" in a technical context. Deliver what audiences really want from you on your topic. Make your delivery dynamic (you get to practice!). Whether in a conference room, or a large auditorium, presenting is the single most powerful channel of communication. Today it's more challenging than ever before to connect and get your point across to a diverse and distracted audience.