The tuition for undergraduate courses differs, depending on the degree program.


Bachelor of Professional Studies – Reduced Tuition Offer

Beginning in the Fall 2016 semester, the College of Charleston lowered tuition for Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) students by approximately 25%. The President, Board of Trustees and the leadership at the College recognize that as working adults, SPS students do not have the same access to scholarships and grants as a traditional student, and are not using many of the resources that the traditional credit hour fee is based upon (such as student activities downtown, for example).

In order to earn a Bachelor of Professional Studies degree, you will need to complete a minimum of 35 credit hours at the College of Charleston.

The School of Professional studies has scholarship opportunities for incoming adult students pursuing their undergraduate degree. Non-degree seeking students will be considered for Adult Student Scholarships.


Tuition Table

The following table details the reduction for part-time and full-time BPS students.

Part-Time (6 hours)
Full-Time (12 hours)

Since your academic plan may vary, we encourage you to visit the Treasurer’s Office website for detailed information.

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