Academic Success

Your success is our priority. As a student in the School of Professional Studies, you have access to a full range of undergraduate student services.

The services listed below highlight a small sample of what the College of Charleston has to offer:

The Center for Academic Performance and Persistence
The Center for Academic Performance and Persistence handles matters related to the academic well-being of all undergraduate students at the College of Charleston. If you have difficulty with classes or have other academic issues, please contact us and/or schedule an appointment.See the full list of our services
Center for Disability Services / SNAP
The Center for Disability Services is dedicated to
  • Ensuring that all programs and services of the College of Charleston are accessible;
  • Providing reasonable and effective accommodations while promoting independence in the student;
  • Offering educational opportunities to students, faculty and staff that enhance understanding of the various types of disabilities, promoting an environment respectful of all;
  • Serving as a resource center for faculty, staff, students and the community.
  • View more on the Center for Disability Services / SNAP website
    Counseling Center

    To make an appointment,

    please call 843.953.5640.

    The first appointment will be 30 minutes in length, focusing on your concerns, and helping direct you to to the correct resource, either here at CASAS or with a counselor in the community.
    • All services are completely confidential.
    • CASAS counselors are not "responsible authorities" (employees) for Title IX. This allows students to seek counseling for a victimization confidentially.
    Financial Aid
    The College of Charleston Office of Financial Assistance and Veterans Affairs recognizes that obtaining a college education is a major expense, and aims to make students aware of the many federal, state, local and institutional resources available - to help students cover those expenses. The Office of Financial Assistance and Veterans Affairs administers scholarships, grants, loans, work study, and Veterans benefits; please explore our site for additional information.View the CofC Financial Aid Page
    Veteran and Military Student Service

    At the College of Charleston, we strive to serve veterans and honor their service. On this site, you will find the resources to guide and support you: from admission through to graduation.

    The staff and faculty at the College of Charleston are here to ensure that veterans experience academic success, while developing personally as a member of the Cougar family.

    Veteran and Military Student Services
    Library Services
    The North Campus features a virtual library for students, staff and faculty. Access to both online resources and research databases is available on-campus, and other materials are offered through Interlibrary Loan.North Campus library resources also include:
    • 18 PC computer stations
    • 2 iMac computer stations
    • black and white and color printers
    • color photo/document scanner
    A full-time librarian is available for research assistance, either by appointment, drop-in, instant message, email or phone.Visit the North Campus Library blog to learn more about the library services and research resources available to students.CofC students also have access to the College's full library system, including the Marlene and Nathan Addlestone Library at the downtown campus. With its comprehensive collections, Addlestone Library serves as a dynamic hub of discovery that supports education at the highest levels.In addition to the North Campus and Addlestone Library, the library system includes the Marine Resources Library, the Avery Research Center.
    Center for Student Learning

    CSL Key Values: Excellence, Commitment, Integrity, Confidence, Compassion

    Center for Student Learning website