Welcome from the Dean

Godfrey Gibbison, Dean School of Professional StudiesI am pleased to welcome students – current and prospective – to the School of Professional Studies website. I trust that you will take the time to learn about our diverse programs and services, and share in the unique perspectives and experiences of our staff, students and alumni; such as inaugural Bachelor of Professional Studies graduate, Jessica Lawless.

At the School of Professional Studies, we are committed to advancing our programming and evolving to meet the needs of our students and the community-at-large. In recognition of the thriving opportunities in the local healthcare industry, we have recently added a new concentration to the Bachelor of Professional Studies program. The Healthcare and Medical Services Management concentration will provide the resources necessary to succeed in a growing field with an engaging curriculum taught by an experienced Ph.D.-qualified faculty. We are excited about the changes we have recently implemented and encourage students to provide feedback toward helping us improve our offerings.

As a student in the School of Professional Studies, you have the benefit of a faculty who will demonstrate respect for you, who value your classroom contributions, and will hold you to a high standard of accomplishment. Our staff maintains an open door policy, and is eager to help students through any concerns. College life can be challenging, but a strong support system will the make the journey lighter.

Our students demonstrate the dedication to excellence we expect at the College of Charleston, and it is my privilege to share in your continued growth and success. We are proud to be your supporters and cheerleaders, and will continue to tout your academic achievements to the entire Charleston community.

Godfrey A. Gibbison, Ph.D.
Dean, School of Professional Studies